Tis what I want

  • 20170113 Korea University reading materials
  • 20170116 Yonsei University reading materials


  • Realizing Who I am
    • Otto Kroeger & Janet M. Thuesen, Type Talk at Work
    • Jean M. Krummerow, Work Types
    • Paul D. Tieger & Barbara Barron-Tieger, Do What You Are
      • Korea University Central Library 6F 155.264 T561d3
    • Riso, Personality Types
    • Benjamin Sells, The Soul of the Law : Understanding Lawyers and the Law
  • Understanding Law and Law School
    • Susan J. Bell, Full Disclosure: Do You Really Want to Be a Lawyer
    • Richard W. Moll, The Lure of the Law: Why People Become Lawyers and What the Profession Does to Them
    • Law School Admissions Council, So You Want to Be a Lawyer
    • Mark Byers et al., Lawyers in Transition: Planning a Life in the Law
    • Scott Turow, One L: An Inside Account of Life at Harvard Law School
      • Korea University Law School Library B1F 340.0711744 T956oa
    • Edward Levi, An Introduction to Legal Reasoning
      • Korea University Law School Library B2F 340.1 L664ia
  • Specific Fields of Law
    • American Bar Association Career Series
    • Lisa L. Abrams, Guide to Legal Specialties
      • Korea University Law School Library B2F 340.02373 A161o
    • Clifford Ennico, Business Lawyer’s Handbook
    • Ronald Fox, Lawful Pursuit: Careers in Public Interest Law
    • Bradley M. Bittan, The Public Defender Experience
    • The National Association for Public Interest Law
    • Harvard Public Interest Site
    • The Foreign Corrupt Practices Act handbook: a practical guide for multinational general counsel, transactional lawyers and white collar criminal practitioners
      • Korea University Law School Library B1F 345.730268 T196f
  • First Years in Practicing Law
    • Suzanne B. O’ Neill & Catherine Gerhauser Sparkman, From Law School to Law Practice
    • Mark Simenhoff, My First Year as a Lawyer
    • Gary A. Munneke, The Legal Career Guide: From Law Student to Lawyer
    • Carroll Seron, The Business of Practicing Law: The Work Lives of Solo and Small-Firm Attorneys

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