League of Owner : R

League of Owner : R

Published by : Enzo Miraslov

In a different time and far away land, stood tall the city of Lumios in the region of Kalos under the ruling of King Maximus III. Lumios was widely re-known throughout Kalos for its beautifully planned-out structures and lively communal society. In the center of this city where six boulevards convene, towers a magnificent steel structure representing the material wealth and military prowess of its residents. Such an advancement in civilization, many of its residents consider, would not have been possible without the help of a number of tamed creatures generally called “monsters” in this region. Beyond the walls roaming the outskirts of this great city, however, were more numerous mystical and mostly unidentified “monsters” which pose a deadly threat to humans whom encounter them. Together and apart, man and “monsters” co-exist, or so it seemed. And it is here where our story begins.

  • 1 권
    • 주 인 (Owner)
    • 전 쟁
  • 2 권
  • 3 권
  • 4 권
  • 5 권
  • Illustrations

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