The League (Crystal)


Living alone with his mother in the outskirts of Johto region, – to his unsuspecting neighbors – Shiruva (14) was considered a rather unimpressive native of town, New Bark. In fact, he knew the in and outs of the woods and forests better than anyone and so many of the fantastic creatures that roam them. Peaceful days seemed to last forever until one day, as shadows of unknown insurgencies engulfed the small village and flames torch the skies, the secret of Shiruva’s bloodline is finally revealed in his mother’s last few words to him.

  • Battle of Dancers
  • Vanished
    • Violate(d) First
      • Sage Li
      • Ruins of Alph
    • Azalea Crumpled
      • Cave Union
      • Prodigee in Training
    • The Golden War
  • The  Revenge Begins (5 Yrs later)
  • New Bark in Flames
  • Shiruva

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Please note that this content is a re-interpretation of the gameplay of Game Freak Inc.’s Pokemon Crystal version with commentary.